Amazon's BSR

Find Your Product's Rank

Find your product's ranking on Amazon SellerCentral. Get an accurate ranking of your product by using the SKUCentral page.

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The most accurate way to find your product's ranking is to use Amazon SellerCentral. In the SKUCentral page of your product, you can find the last 30 days average sales rank.
Sales rank fluctuates daily based on various factors as can be seen in the graph below, which makes it important to use the last 30 days average.
SKU Central
You can reach the SKU Central page by clicking on the SKU of your product in the Manage Inventory page on SellerCentral.
Time periods
You can also choose between different pre-defined time periods in SKU Central page by clicking on the dropdown menu. This can be useful if your product experienced a recent spike or drop in sales.

Amazon's BSR

Your Competitor's Ranking

Amazon shares the ranking of all products on their website. You can find the ranking of any product on the product page.

Ranking of products fluctuate daily. Ranking of a competitor's product can be different depending on when it is checked.
Find the ranking of a competitor's product.
Ranking of any Amazon product can be found on the Amazon website on the product page. The ranking our sales estimates are based on are for the main collection the product belongs to, not the subcollection.
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