About Booster

Booster is a free tool for Amazon sellers to estimate their earnings. We provide a simple and easy-to-use interface for sellers to estimate their earnings on a product based on the product's BSR (Best Seller Rank) and the category it is in.

Amazon's BSR

How to find your product's ranking

Amazon ranks each product based on its sales performance and customer ratings. The higher a product's BSR, the more sales it is making.

Find your product's ranking
You can look up your product's BSR on Amazon SellerCentral for a product you own. Learn more →
Find the ranking of a competitor's product.
Ranking of any Amazon product can be found on the Amazon website on the product page. Learn more →
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Product information

Which collection is your product in?

Look up which product collection your product is in. All Amazon products belong to a collection, where they're ranked based on their sales performance and customer ratings.

Collection vs subcollection
Each collection breaks down into subcollections, where products are ranked again. This ranking enables you to see how your product is doing within the subcollection. Booster estimates sales based on collection ranking rather than subcollection ranking.
Visit Amazon's Best Sellers page to see the collections and subcollections. Visit now →
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Our method

How we calculate estimates

We use a combination of web scraping and statistical modeling to estimate sales data for products on Amazon.

Amazon sales data.
Our estimates are based on Amazon sales data published on product pages. We use webscraping techniques to collect this public data. Learn more →
Statistical modeling.
We use as many data points as possible to create a statistical model to estimate sales data. We use a model that best fits the data made available by Amazon. Learn more →
Estimate accuracy.
We aim to provide the most accurate estimates possible. Amazon calculates Best Seller Rankings using data about sales volume over time. Recent sales and all-time sales factor into BSR, with recent sales counting more than older sales. Learn more →
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Work in progress

Upcoming Features

We're always working on new features to help Amazon sellers make better decisions.

Calculate sales data

It will be possible to calculate sales data for products and portfolios of products.

Learn more

Profit calculator

You will be able to calculate the profit of a product or a portfolio of products.

Learn more

More accurate estimates

We are working on improving the accuracy of our estimates.

Learn more

About the Developer

My name is Mehmet and I am a full-stack developer. I hail from London, UK.