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Business Development
Mehmet Tekin

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Mehmet started his career in social media management. Then, he joined a direct-to-consumer startup in the pet niche that operated in the US. He managed all the digital marketing activities in this business. His experience includes influencer marketing, performance marketing, merchandising, copywriting and etc. Mehmet is passionate about digital marketing. He thinks that digital marketing tools are very powerful and the possibilities are endless.

Fun fact: Mehmet’s first ever video on his personal TikTok got over 400K views.

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Creative Director
Nuri Gulver

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Nuri is a veteran in the advertisement industry with over 10 years of agency-side experience. He has worked with businesses ranging from technology startups to more traditional industries such as FMCG and banking. His ALL YOU NEED IS HAND campaign for PornHub won the first prize amongst 3000 advertisement professionals in the “Safe For Work Ads” competition. His campaign poster was exhibited in a Times Square billboard, and then 476 websites in 28 different countries published his story in a week. Nuri currently works on several Mar-Tech projects, one of which includes categorizing short-form video ads according to creative attributes and analyzing the effects on the audience.

Fun fact: Nuri’s family still doesn’t know about his work with Pornhub to this day.

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Performance Marketing
Furkan K.

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Furkan is an experienced performance app marketer. He has managed campaigns for various apps with 6-figure budgets on a variety of channels. He has worked for apps in various categories, including gaming, fin-tech and health. His experience includes managing campaigns on TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Google UAC, Apple Search Ads and other ad networks. Fatih also has experience with various attribution and tracking tools, such as Appsflyer, Adjust and Kochava.

Fun fact: Furkan has been working on his YouTube travel vlog for a long time only to launch it right in the midst of Covid-19 outbreak.

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Data Scientist
Kaan K.

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Kaan is a senior data scientist with an MSc in Big Data Science (Queen Mary University). He has experience in conceptualisation, modelling and development of Deep Learning algorithms. Kaan is also experienced in analysing multi-channel attribution data, creating models that assign credit for conversion and revenue to multiple touchpoints across the customer journey.

Fun fact: Kaan was the captain in the basketball team in highschool and yet he got pretty little playtime.

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Talent Manager
Asli K.

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Asli is a social media enthusiast. She is an avid user and a participant in several social media channels. She is excellent in communicating with TikTok creators. She loves writing up creative briefs that are easy for TikTok creators to understand. Asli believes in creative freedom and she loves leaving room for the creator to take things into their hands.

Fun fact: Asli managed a number of TikTok celebrities and organized meet & greet events in local venues.

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